Casting Call for Student Short Film “Carrots”

Dark Comedy/Social Comedy
Student Short Film
Senior Thesis – SCAD
Savannah College of Art and Design

Exec. Prod: Jake Redmond, Julianna Leopold
Director: Jake Redmond
Casting Dir.  John Redmond
Start Date: 3/15 – 3/19
Location: Tulsa Oklahoma

Logline: BASED ON A TURE STORY “A Second-Grade teacher is tempted to force-feed a picky student whose parents forgot to pack his lunch.”

Looking for comedic individuals with great comedic timing.

(Ms. Zinch, 35 – 45) Ms. Zinch is a spunky 43-year-old. She has curly red hair and small, frail glasses. She is an epidemy of a conservative teacher. Ms. Zinch has been working with children for ten years now. She has strong OCD tendencies that have helped her in the care of children. Throughout her tenure, she has learned the importance of caring for the children and is determined to bring joy to every one of her children’s faces. She sees the joy that it brings to not just the children but the parents as well. They see her as one of the best at Lee Elementary. Ms. Zinch thinks she’s the best, as well. She sees the other women around her in the teacher’s lounge who could care less for her children. Not Ms. Zinch, she is dedicated to taking care of their every need.

(Jake Redmond 7 – 12) This role involves a scene where Jake will be “force-fed” a carrot. Please understand that the stunt will not be graphic but your child will be held by another actor as they act to feed your child a carrot. Jake is an innocent soul. He is also creative and sensitive. His favorite past time is drawing Yu Gi Oh on the backs of all his homework assignments. For most of his life, Jake lived in bliss. However, in 2003, Jake’s parents got a divorce. Each parent moved three times in the span of a year. Jake had a hard time understanding what was going on, all he knew was that he might be to blame. But Jake tried to keep a strong front! He took care of his sisters when he could. Even when he was hurting from school bullies, teachers, or even his own anxiety, he never let his imagination die out, even if that meant he’d isolate himself from others.

(Ms. Redmond 35 – 45) Kirsten, like Ms. Zinch, has a need to care. She is also a teacher and she too has this maternal instinct, the difference being that she’s had children – four of them. Each child at a new stage of development – 8, 5, and 2. The divorce has been hard on Kirsten, as it is with anyone. Moments like late nights in the summer, where none of the children want to sleep, and the heat of the night is unbearable, can break even the strongest willed down. Even with all this, Kirsten has persevered. She keeps a face at her job and for her kids and for the world around her. She’s trying to not let this divorce hurt the kids in any way.

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