Dotty and Soul

SAG-AFTRA Feature Film
Writer Adam Saunders
Director Adam Saunders
Producer Adam Saunders, Avril Speaks
Local Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Shoot Dates 02/25/2020
Shoot Note 4 weeks
Shoot Location Oklahoma City area, OK
Auditions Begin 01/20/2020 (Auditions in Norman, OK)
Project Rate LOW BUDGET SCALE ($630/day +10%)

STORY LINE: After flamboyant entrepreneur Ethan Cox is caught in a racially inappropriate video that immediately goes viral, his hopes of being the man in charge of delivering a self-driving car to the public seem destined to blow up in his (lily-white except for just once) face. So he hires his aging mother’s 71 year old caretaker, African-American DOTTY, to be the temporary replacement CEO of his company, until the public furor dies down.


STEFANI – Female / Caucasian / 25 – 30 Ethan’s social media influencer girlfriend, Stefani is a gorgeous, buxom platinum blonde, and she’s basically insecure about her place in Ethan’s business life. Pressured secretly by Brannigan to post a video of Ethan in blackface, Stefani soon realizes that she has made a catastrophic error that threatens to ruin Ethan’s career. And before long, she sensibly fades out of his life…SUPPORTING LEAD

DORA – Female / All Ethnicities / 45 – 50 The head nurse at Creekside, she’s a tough-minded, generally disapproving woman (who never masturbated). A woman who is very difficult to please or impress, Dora lets Ethan know repeatedly that he has completely failed to amuse, charm, please, or impress her in any way…SUPPORTING LEAD

HECTOR Male / All Ethnicities / 40 – 50 The landlord to Dotty and Isabella, hector has a bigger ego than is appropriate, and wears an over sized “California Raisins” t-shirt from the late 1980’s. He claims that his tenants owe him money, slashes their tires when they don’t pay, and threatens to have them evicted. A hovering on-site bully, who wants to kick Dotty and Isabella out, he gets more than he bargained for when Dotty turns the tables on him and gives him Homeless Kenneth as his brand new (and quite crazy) tenant…SUPPORTING LEAD

SAGE Male / All Ethnicities / 40 – 50 This douchey looking Dallas City Manager lost his virginity to an escort; he’s the man in charge of the gavel when Ethan and Brannigan announce the latest development in “Private Car” technology. An old frat buddy of Ethan’s, he later meets privately with Ethan and Dotty to consider the possibility of a self-driving bus line that costs half as much per fare…2 speeches & 6 lines, 4 scenes

HOMELESS MAN Male // All Ethnicities / 50 – 65 A homeless man, named Kenneth, who has never had a shot in his life, he’s so eccentric/insane that he eats the cash donations he gets from passersby. He later is delighted when Ethan lets him take a self-driving car for a spin…7 lines, 4 scenes

MAN IN HOOD Male / Latinx / 20 – 40 One of a cluster of five ominous looking Hispanic men in hoodies, he hangs with his buddies outside Dotty’s apartment complex, and regards Ethan with malevolent suspicion…4 lines, 3 scenes (28)

RECEPTIONIST Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 22 – 30 A hung-over receptionist in his/her 20’s, who works at Rydze Headquarters, he/she tries to stop Brannigan from barging in on Farhad Ghorbani…1 speech & 2 lines, 2 scenes (91)

ELAINE Female / All Ethnicities / 70 – 80 Harold’s protective and supportive wife, she is another resident at the Creekside Retirement Home, and she’s the six-time Scrabble champ of the Home. She is never far from Harold’s side…3 lines, 3 scenes

HAROLD Male / All Ethnicities / 80 – 90 Harold is a spunky guy who lives in the Creekside Retirement Home along with his wife, Elaine. Addicted to Charleston Chew candy bars, he relies on Dotty to buy them for him. He’s an outgoing and exuberant guy who bickers affectionately with his wife…9 lines, 3 scenes

REPORTER Male / All Ethnicities / 30 – 55 This reporter whispers a wisecrack at Ethan’s expense…2 lines, 1 scene (2)

REPORTER 3 Male or Female / / All Ethnicities / 25 – 50 This reporter question Ethan about his personal life (and about “Private Car”) during a press conference…1 line each, 1 scene (3)

OLD HOSTESS Female / All Ethnicities / 75 – 85 wearing oversized red glasses, she is a hostess at Bagelstein’s Deli, a woman with a warm smile who is working well past her Social Security date…4 lines, 1 scene (42)

DEREK Male / African American / 20 – 30 in his 20’s, Derek works behind the griddle at “Dotty’s Kolaches,” and he gets one-on-one instruction from Dotty about the art of the Czech Popover…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (110)

OLDER SUIT Male / All Ethnicities / 50 – 60 In his 50’s, a man who saves his receipts, this older suit on Brannigan’s staff tags along when Brannigan gives Dotty a tour of the auto manufacturing plant, and thinks that Dolly’s proposed schedule is unrealistically ambitious…2 lines, 2 scenes (61)

CHEERY WAITRESS Female / All Ethnicities / 20 – 35 A cheery waitress at a gluten-free soul food restaurant, she takes orders from Dotty and Ethan…2 lines, 1 scene (84)

FEDERAL AGENT Male / All Ethnicities / 35 – 55 This Federal agent harshly handcuffs Brannigan as part of an investigation…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (106)

VALET Male / Latinx / 18 – 30 This parking valet, who plans to buy this place someday, is treated with casual contempt by Brannigan…2 lines, 2 scenes (93)

YOUNG SUIT Male / All Ethnicities / 25 – 35 A suit who attends a meeting at the Private Car Headquarters Conference Room, he makes an appreciative remark about Dotty’s latest notion…1 line, 1 scene (51)

WORKING CLASS WOMAN Female /All Ethnicities / 35 – 40 A working class woman in her late 30’s, with five mouths to feed, she mutters angrily to herself as she walks past the former bus stop that’s now a hole in the ground…1 line, 1 scene (59)


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